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Hall of Fame Collection

Hall of Fame Collection
“This fine collection of signatures includes many of the great Squadron and Wing Leaders – from all sides – that fought the great air battles of World War II, and as such is quite remarkable. We are proud to own this wonderful collection”.

Don Lopez, Deputy Director, National Air & Space Museum, Washington DC

Every original “Hall of Fame” pilot’s autograph, acquired in the 1980’s, is 100% genuine and authenticated by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Each ensemble includes a wartime pilot’s photo with brief WWII biography, quality aviation art, all-metal pilot’s wings and an applicable high-quality replica miniature medal, all displayed in authentic service-color laser-cut triple mounts (matts). “Hall of Fame” ensembles comprise some of the most famous and highly decorated aviators from WWII and these valuable collector pieces are available from just $77 unframed, or $105 framed. Click on image to see the enlarged ensemble, framing options, and to read more about these legendary pilots and aircrew.
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