Previously Sold on the AAH Secondary

0820 18 April 1942 by Robert Moak
Aces on the Western Front by Robert Taylor (Secondary)
Adolf Galland by Nicolas Trudgian
Advance Into Europe by Nicolas Trudgian (Secondary)
After the Battle by Robert Taylor (Secondary)
Air Apaches on the Warpath by Robert Taylor (B-25)
Air Combat Paintings by Robert Taylor 5-Book Set
Air Superiority by Robert Taylor (Secondary)
America Strikes Back by Robert Taylor (Secondary)
AM Sortie by Craig Kodera (P-38 Lightning)
And Now the Trap by William S. Phillips (F6F Hellcat)
April Morning: France 1918 by Frank Wootton
Balloon Buster by Robert Taylor (Secondary)
Beach Head Strike Force by Robert Taylor (F4U Corsair)
Beginning of the End by William S. Phillips (Secondary - B-29)
Black Sheep at Munda by Jim Laurier (Secondary)
Black Sheep Squadron by John Shaw (12-signatures)
The Bridge at Remagen by Robert Taylor (Me262)
Chennault's Flying Tigers by Robert Taylor
Combat Over London by Robert Taylor (Secondary)
Combat Over the Reich by Robert Taylor (B-17 & Me-262)
Dawn, The World Forever Changed by William Phillips and Lonely Flight to Destiny by Craig Kodera (Secondary)
D-Day - The Airborne Assault by Robert Taylor
The Doolittle Tokyo Raiders by Robert Taylor (Secondary)
Dust Off: Angels of Mercy by William S. Phillips
Eagle Attack by Robert Taylor (Me109)
Eagles Over the Rhine by Robert Taylor (P-51 Mustang)
Early Morning Mission by Tony Fachet (Secondary)
Fighter General by Robert Taylor (Me262)
Gathering of Eagles by Robert Taylor (Secondary)
The Giant Begins to Stir by William S. Phillips (Secondary)Ask About Availability
Gone West by James Dietz (Secondary)
Gunfight Over Rabaul by Nicolas Trudgian (F4U Corsair)
Hartmann Tribute by Robert Taylor
Helping Hand by Robert Taylor (Secondary)
Home At Dusk by Robert Taylor (Secondary)
Home for the Holidays by Mike Machat (Lockheed Constellation - Secondary)
Home Run by Robert Taylor (Secondary)
The Hornet's Nest by John Shaw (B-25 Mitchell)
In the Presence of My Enemy by John Shaw - Secondary
In Defense of the Reich by Nicolas Trudgian (Me262)
In Gallant Company by Robert Taylor (F4F Wildcat)
Into the Night by Matt Hall (Secondary)
Into the Teeth of the Tiger by William S. Phillips (P-40)
JG-52 by Robert Taylor (Secondary)
Johnnie Johnson by Nicolas Trudgian
The Knight at Dawn by Jerry Crandall (Bf109)
Knights Charge by Simon Atack (Secondary)
Knights Cross by Robert Taylor (Secondary)
Last Flight Home by Robert Taylor (Secondary) - (Lancaster)
Last to Fight by Craig Kodera (P-61 Black Widow)
Legacy by Ronald Wong (B-2 and B-29)
Little Willie Coming Home by Keith Ferris (B-17 Flying Fortress)
The Long Green Line by William S. Phillips
Looking for Nagumo by Craig Kodera (PBY Catalina)
Low Pass for the Home Folks by William S. Phillips (Me109)
Malta - George Cross by Robert Taylor (Secondary)
Maximum Effort by James Dietz (Secondary)
Memphis Belle by Robert Taylor (B-17)
Midway - Strike Against the Akagi by Robert Taylor
The Mighty Eighth - Coming Home by Robert TaylorAsk About Availability
The Mighty Eighth - Outward Bound by Robert TaylorAsk About Availability
Moving the Herd by James Dietz (C-17)
Mustangs on the Prowl by Robert Taylor (P-51)
Naval Aviation in Space by R.L. "Bob" Rasmussen
Only One Survived by Craig Kodera (TBF Avenger)
Pacific Summer by John Shaw (P-38 Lightning - secondary)
Phantom Raiders by Simon Atack (Secondary)
Phantom Showtime by Robert Taylor (Secondary)
Real Trouble by Keith Ferris (Fw190)Ask About Availability
Search for the Needle by John Young (P-38 Lightning)
Sting of the Black Tulip by Robert Taylor (Me109)
Stormbirds Over the Reich by Robert Taylor
Summer of '42 by John Shaw (Secondary)Ask About Availability
Summer Victory by Robert Taylor (Secondary)
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo by Craig Kodera (B-25 Mitchell)
Those Clouds Won't Help You Now by William S. Phillips (F4U Corsair)Ask About Availability
Those Last Critical Moments by William S. Phillips (F-14 Tomcat)Ask About Availability
300 Club by Nicolas Trudgian (Me109)
Titanic - Last Farewell by Robert Taylor - Tribute Edition
Typhoon Attack by Robert Taylor
Victory Flyover by Robert Taylor (Secondary)Ask About Availability
Victory Pass by William Phillips (Secondary P-51)
Warrior and the Wolfpack by John Shaw (Secondary)Ask About Availability
Welcome Sight by Robert Taylor (B-24 Liberator)
We Were a Band of Brothers by John Shaw
When You See Zeros, Fight 'Em by William S. Phillips (F4F Wildcat)
Winter Patrol by Nicolas Trudgian (Secondary)
AVIATION ART HANGAR - Zero Encounter by Robert Taylor (F4F & Zero)Ask About Availability