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0820 18 April 1942 by Robert Moak

0820 18 April 1942 by Robert Moak
Hand signed and numbered. by Robert Moak

  • 28 Doolittle Raider signatures - in excellent condition
  • Printed on a fairly lightweight, textured lithograph paper.
  • Includes two Letters of Authenticity, authenticating both the print and the signatures.

  • Overall size: 27 3/8" x 20 1/8"
  • Image size: 23 7/8" x 15 1/2"

  • The 28 signatures are all original and were individually hand-signed on a limited edition aviation art print made expressly for the Raiders. Several Raiders have indicated their crew numbers. The print was created in 1979 for the Doolittle Tokyo Raider’s Association by artist Robert Moak as a limited edition of 2000. Two hundred were the signed by General Doolittle as well as pilots and crew members at their 1992 reunion, for the purpose of establishing a “Tokyo Raider Memorial Scholarship Fund” at the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) complex in Oshkosh, WI.

    This print was purchased by the original owner from the EAA and has never been framed or displayed. It is very rare to have this number of signatures gathered on a single print, thus making it unique. The condition is excellent with only minimal light ‘handling’ from being placed on tables and touched when the Raiders signed them. Included are copies of COA’s signed by two of the pilots, attesting to the signings (Bill Bower & Ev Halstrom).


    Crew #1
  • Gen. James H. "Jimmy" DOOLITTLE - Pilot
  • Col. Richard E. COLE - Co-Pilot
  • Col. Henry A. "Hank" POTTER - Navigator

    Crew #2
  • Col. Travis HOOVER - Pilot
  • Maj. Douglas V. RADNEY - Engineer-Gunner

    Crew #3
  • Capt. Charles J. OZUK - Navigator

    Crew #4
  • Brig. Gen. Everett W. HOLSTROM - Pilot
  • Lt. Col. Harry C. McCOOL - Navigator
  • MSgt. Bert M. JORDAN - Engineer-Gunner

    Crew #5
  • Maj. Gen. David M. "Davy" JONES - Pilot
  • Col. Joe W. MANSKE - Engineer-Gunner

    Crew #6
  • Lt. Col. Chase J. NIELSEN - Navigator

    Crew #7
  • SSgt. David J. THATCHER - Engineer-Gunner

    Crew #8
  • 1st Lt. David W. POHL - Gunner

    Crew #9
  • Maj. Thomas C. GRIFFIN - Navigator

    Crew #10
  • Capt. J. Royden STORK - Co-Pilot
  • Lt. Col. Horace E. "Sally" CROUCH - Bombadier-Navigator
  • MSgt. Edwin W. HORTON, Jr. - Gunner

    Crew #11
  • Lt. Col. Frank A. KAPPELER - Navigator
  • 2nd Lt. William. L. BIRCH - Bombadier

    Crew #12
  • Col. William M. BOWER - Pilot

    Crew #13
  • Brig. Gen. Richard A. "Knobby" KNOBLOCH - Co-pilot
  • Lt. Col. Clay CAMPBELL - Navigator

    Crew #14
  • Col. Jack A. SIMS - Co-pilot
  • Col. James H. MACIA, Jr. - Bombadier-Navigator

    Crew #16
  • SSgt. Jacob D. DeSHAZER - Bombadier

  • Tung-Sheng "Tom" LIU - Honorary Tokyo Raider
  • Stephen LEONARD - Honorary Tokyo Raider
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