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Jack S. Young

The Art of Jack S. Young
Jack S. Young biography

Jack S. Young is an active duty US military member and artist devoted to honoring the veterans of the past and present, while inspiring future service in the next generation through his art. Passionate about military history, Jack conducts thorough research to ensure that historical details are correctly portrayed in every piece of artwork.

Jack's first nationally released limited edition print series is focused on the 75th Anniversary of the Normandy Invasion. The genesis of this series was Jack's own trip to Normandy in 2012. There he met Airborne veterans in the very places in which they had fought 68 years before. Walking in the footsteps of their youth, Jack was inspired to tell their stories through his art. Setting his sights on the 75th Anniversary, Jack has worked on this collection in the midst of his own military service, researching the events portrayed and speaking with the few remaining veterans of the Airborne assault to ensure that this series is something special and unique for this national moment of remembrance and honor.

Jack envisions a scene often inspired by a conversation with a veteran or from a story in history. After thorough research into the subject, the idea begins as a sketch. Jack then poses models using exact reproductions of the uniforms, equipment and weaponry portrayed. A fine tuned drawing follows. Color is applied using a combination of colored pencils, ink pencils and some acrylic paint.

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