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Dawn, The World Forever Changed by William Phillips and Lonely Flight to Destiny by Craig Kodera (Artist's Proofs)

Dawn, The World Forever Changed by William Phillips and Lonely Flight to Destiny by Craig Kodera (Secondary)
Hand signed and numbered by the artists

  • From a 1994 sold out publication

  • In "Dawn, The World Forever Changed", the "Enola Gay" is portrayed against a backdrop of a Pacific dawn. The rising sun, of course, is the symbol of Japan, but, in this case, it is a whole new dawn for the world and also for the United States. This is at the point when the "Enola Gay" crew executed a 360-degree turn over broken clouds above Iwo Jima. The time is 5:55 a.m. and, at an altitude of 9,300 feet, the aircraft that were in trail were allowed to close formation with "Enola Gay." The airplane is coming towards the viewer and a new era is aviation is dawning. Things would never be the same again.

    Regarding Craig Kodera's "Lonely Flight to Destiny": "'Bock's Car' took off at 3:45 in the morning in pitch black and returned to base at 3:00 in the afternoon. It was basically hazy mid-morning when they were over their target, so the only really good time to picture it, to artistically create a strong print, would be at sunrise. I had originally painted the plane already at altitude, the other way around, with the sun on it and a lot of clouds in the background, but it didn't have the weight I wanted.

    "Sunrise was also a good time to set the image because I could identify with the crew in a way; having myself flown all-nighters many times - missions that start in the evening and end up overseas as the sun is rising - I really had a feeling for the mental state the air crew was in at the time. I know it was a strenuous and tenuous time for them. That's why I wanted to show the airplane laboring under the weight of its payloard and the crew laboring under the weight of its responsibility. That's why I called it 'Lonely Flight to Destiny.'"


    "Dawn, The World Forever Changed" by William S. Phillips

    Crew of the 'Enola Gay'

  • Paul TIBBETS - Pilot
  • Thomas W. FEREBEE - Bombardier
  • Theodore VANKIRK - Navigator
  • George R. CARON - Tail Gunner
  • Richard H. NELSON - Radar Operator

    "Lonely Flight to Destiny" by Craig Kodera

    Crew of the 'Bockscar'

  • Charles D. ALBURY - Co-pilot
  • Fred J. OLIVI - Third pilot
  • James F. VAN PELT, Jr. - Navigator
  • John D. KUHAREK - Flight Engineer
  • Raymond C. GALLAGHER - Asst. Flight Engineer
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