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The Doolittle Tokyo Raiders by Robert Taylor

The Doolittle Tokyo Raiders by Robert Taylor (Secondary)
Hand signed and numbered by Robert Taylor

This rare and valuable print is sought after by collectors worldwide. Originally published in 1992, this edition sold immediately. It is signed by fourteen of the Doolittle Raiders including General Jimmy Doolittle himself!


  • Pristine!!
  • Overall size: 37 3/4" x 27 1/4"
  • Image size: 31 1/4" x 18 3/4"
  • On April 18, 1942, on a daring and unprecedented raid from the USS Hornet, US war hero Jimmy Doolittle leads his Raiders on a historic flight which carried the Battle of the Pacific into the heart of the Japanese empire.


  • Colonel William BOWER – Pilot
    His aircraft attacked Yokuska Yokohama auto-factory. Bailed out over China and rescued by Chinese guerilla forces, eventually escaping to India. After the raid he flew with 310 Group and 57 Bomb Wing.

  • Lieutenant Colonel Richard COLE – Co-Pilot
    Attacked Tokyo and parachuted out over China. Friendly Nationalist troops helped him to evade the enemy. Remaining in China, he flew bombing and transport missions over the hump.

  • Staff Sgt. Rev. Jacob DeSHAZER – Bombadier
    Bombed the Nagoya fuel tank factory. Bailed out near Shanghai and taken prisoner by the Japanese. Held in terrible conditions for three and a half years. Of eight Raiders taken POW, only four lived to return to the US.

  • General James "Jimmy" DOOLITTLE – Pilot
    One of the great heroes of the 20th Century. After Pearl Harbor he masterminded and trained his famous Tokyo Raiders for the strike back against the Japanese. He led this historic mission and won the Congressional Medal of Honor. Later as a General he had an illustrious career commanding the air war over Italy and North Africa before taking charge of the US Eighth Air Force in Europe.

  • Colonel Robert G. EMMENS – Co-Pilot
    Bombed the steel mills of north Tokyo. Crash landed near Vladivostok, USSR and interned by the Russians for over a year before escaping via Iran with British help back to the US.

  • Major Thomas C. GRIFFIN – Navigator
    His aircraft attacked factories on Tokyo Bay. Bailing out over China he was temporarily held by the Nationalist Chinese Army before being released. Later he flew B-26s until shot down over North Africa. POW of the Germans until May 1945.

  • Brigadier General Everett W. HOLSTROM – Pilot
    After meeting stiff resistance from Japanese fighter aircraft, he parachuted from his damaged aircraft south west of Shingshi, China. Rescued by Chinese guerillas. He later flew and commanded B-47s, B-52s and the first supersonic bomber – B-58.

  • Colonel Travis HOOVER – Pilot of No. 2 Aircraft
    First off the deck following General Doolittle, attacked military targets in Tokyo. Crash landed in China and was rescued by a young Chinese engineer, Tung Sheng Liu. While in China, Col. Hoover and his crew received the highest Chinese medal decorations from Madame Chiang Kai Shek.

  • Major General David M. JONES - Pilot
    Bombed Tokyo waterfront before bailing out over Chusien Province, China. By July 1942 he had evaded the enemy to escape back to the US. Later shot down over Germany flying B-26s and held as a POW until April 1945.

  • Brigadier General Richard A. KNOBLOCH – Co-Pilot
    Attacked Yokosuka Naval Base. Bailed out and landed in a Chinese paddy field, and rescued by Chinese guerillas. He flew a further 55 missions from Burma and friendly China.

  • Colonel Henry A. POTTER – Navigator
    Navigator on General Doolittle’s aircraft, they attacked Tokyo before parachuting out over China. The crew were helped to escape back to the US by Chinese guerillas.

  • Major Howard A. SESSLER – Navigator and Bombardier
    After bombing Kobe he ditched in the sea off China. Guided back to freedom by friendly Chinese fighters. He later flew 103 missions on B-25s.

  • Captain J. Royden STORK – Co-Pilot
    Co-Pilot on a B-25 that attacked the base at Heneda River. Bailed out over China and with help from Chinese allies, escaped to India where he flew missions with the 10th Air Force.

  • Major Griffith P. WILLIAMS – Co-Pilot
    Co-Pilot on Don Smith’s aircraft which attacked Kobe. Crash landing in the sea off China he was escorted by resistance fighters, eventually escaping back to the US. Subsequently served in England and North Africa.
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