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The Hornet's Nest by John Shaw

The Hornet's Nest by John Shaw (B-25 Mitchell)
Hand signed and numbered by John Shaw

100 Collector's Editions....Sold out

  • Includes a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Overall size: 27" X 35"
  • Image size: 17 1/2" X 27"

  • Lt. Col. James H.Doolittle confers with Capt. Marc A. Mitscher on the bomber-laden deck of the U.S.S. Hornet as the fateful day of 18 April 1942 approaches. This daring bombing raid on Japan gave America and its allies a badly-needed morale boost in the wake of the destruction at Pearl Harbour.


  • Richard E. COLE - Copilot of aircraft #1
  • David "Davy" M. JONES - Pilot of aircraft #5
  • Thomas C. GRIFFIN - Navigator of aircraft #9
  • David J. THATCHER - Engineer-Gunner of aircraft #7
  • Edwin W. HORTON - Gunner of aircraft #10
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