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The Knight at Dawn by Jerry Crandall

The Knight at Dawn by Jerry Crandall (Bf109)
Signed by Jerry Crandall


There were only 20 copies of the JG-52 Tribute Edition ever offered (in addition to 1,250 limited editions and 100 artist's proofs).

The JG 52 Tribute Edition was actually an overrun of the artist's proofs that the publisher decided to offer instead of destroying them because of their historical value. Although there are 20 total in the edition, they are not individually numbered.

  • Published in May 1991
  • Image size: 19 1/2" X 27" with margins
  • Overall size: 22 3/4" X 30" overall

  • Description: The reorganization of the Luftwaffe's Fighter Gruppen in the fall of 1944 resulted in 4th Staffel JG 52 transferring to JG 3. Thus 7th Staffel JG 52 replaced the 4th Suffel into the II Gruppe.

    During October 1944, Erich Hartmann was given command of the 7th Staffel and was utilized as part time Gruppenkommandeur. At this time they were based in Hungary.

    Of all the known aircraft flown by Erich Hartmann this Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6 was the most colorful. The standard camouflage of the three grays 74, 75, 76, appear to have been modified by overspray possibly of 76 gray. Note the black scallop design is different than the 109 G-6 flown by Hartmann in February 1945 when with JG 53. Also note the absence of the D-F loop antenna from the machine. Contrary to other renderings of this aircraft, it is strongly felt that it had the yellow under cowling as did most 109's at this time.

    Limited Edition
  • Colonel Erich HARTMANN

    JG-52 Tribute Edition:
  • Colonel Erich HARTMANN
  • General Gunther RALL
  • General Walter KRUPINSKI
  • Walter WOLFRUM
  • General Dieter HRABAK
  • Erich Alfred "Bubi" Hartmann (April 19, 1922 - September 20, 1993),
    Erich Alfred "Bubi" Hartmann (April 19, 1922 - September 20, 1993),
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