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Last Combat of the Red Baron by Frank Wootton

Last Combat of the Red Baron by Frank Wootton
Prints are signed by the artist and numbered

  • Pristine Artist's Proof

  • Overall size: 31" x 22 3/4"
  • Image size: 28" x 19 1/4"

  • In this image, Captain Roy Brown attacks Baron Manfred von Richthofen, the "Red Baron," on April 21, 1918. The battle took place over France, between Sailly-le-Sec and Le Hamel. W.R. May, on his first sortie, left the battle on Brown's instructions. Richthofen, who had been waiting for someone to withdraw from the dogfight, went in hot pursuit of May. Brown followed, firing at the red triplane. Brown saw his bullets rake the side of the triplane. He saw the pilot turn around, looking back and then collapse in his seat.

    The triplane flew on, slipping and staggering and dropped to a rough landing alongside some trenches manned by Australian troops. Richthofen, who claimed 80 victims, had himself fallen just 11 days short of his 26th birthday. The Allies buried him with honors due to his rank. Seven years later, his body was disinterred and taken to Germany for a hero's burial.
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