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The Long Green Line by William S. Phillips

The Long Green Line by William S. Phillips
Hand signed and numbered by William S. Phillips

  • Limited edition #1955 of 3500 from a sold out 1988 publication.
  • Overall size: 44" x 18"
  • Image size: 40" x 13.5"

  • "It's dawn in the central highlands of Vietnam," says William S. Phillips. "The air is heavy with the smell of rain and moist vegetation. The thunder of a passing monsoon rumbles through the mist-shrouded valley as a scouting platoon arrives on a rocky outcropping.

    "Soon, however, the tranquility of this seemingly pastoral setting is shattered by a new thunder— the sound of a long, green line of UH-1 Iroquois helicopters (Hueys) winding down the valley to a landing zone."

    The "Huey" was the chosen vehicle for the U.S. Army's Air Cavalry. It served as a troop transport, provided armed support and was used for casualty evacuation. In this painting, William Phillips, himself a veteran, pays tribute to the men who served in Vietnam and to the machines they flew.
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