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Low Pass for the Home Folks by William S. Phillips

Low Pass for the Home Folks by William S. Phillips (Me109)
Hand signed and numbered by the artist

  • From a 1991 sold out limited edition
  • Overall size: 31" x 19"
  • Image size: 27 1/2" x 15 3/4"

  • Against a majestic backdrop of the Alps, a pair of Me109s make a low pass over a farm in southern Germany.

    On a trip to Garmisch, Germany, Bill Phillips and his wife Kristi discovered a war memorial on a hillside. Surrounding the monument were framed photographs of local young men who had been killed in World War II. Bill was particularly moved by one photograph of a fresh-faced boy, his arms around a cow. “This was no jack-booted Nazi. This was a farm kid who loved his home and went off to fight for it, just as American boys had done.”

    The boy’s story began to develop in Bill’s imagination: the young German had gone into the Luftwaffe and learned to fly fighter jets. One day, early in the war, the boy and a friend had buzzed the home valley in their BF-109s. “I guess all pilots have done that, in every country,” says Bill. “The pride of flight is universal.” Bill checked with a German pilot, who said the practice was strictly verboten — “…but of course we did it.”
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