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The Mighty Eighth - Coming Home by Robert Taylor

The Mighty Eighth - Coming Home by Robert Taylor
Hand signed and numbered by Robert Taylor
  • Overall Print Size: 33" x 25"
  • Includes the certificate of authenticity

  • A Golden Anniversary edition commemorating the 50th Aniversary of the Bomber Groups of the U.S. Eighth Air Force.


  • Bob LANDRY - He has the distinction of being the only man in the 8th AF to command both a fighter and bomber group. As one of the 8th's commanders early in 1942, he achieved air victories flying P-47s against Fw190s while leading the 56th FG, and was Doolittle's Director of Fighters before taking over command of the 93rd and 493rd BGs.
  • William LAWLEY - Flying a 305th BG B-17 on 20 Feb 1944, Lawley's co-pilot was killed in a head-on fighter attack. Injured in the face, weak and in shock, with 7 of his crew injured, Lawley flew his crew home, crash landing with only 1 engine. He was awarded the Medal of Honor
  • Edward MICHAEL - Piloting a B-17 of the 305th BG on 11 April 1944, Michael and his co-pilot were badly injured in a frontal attack. With instruments wrecked and bomb doors jammed, he ordered 7 uninjured crew to bail out and flew the injured home in his severely damaged craft, crash landing in England. Michael was awarded the Medal of Honor for this action.
  • Robert MORGAN - He flew the legendary B-17 Memphis Belle on all 25 bombing missions to become the first B-17 in the 91st BG to complete the 'tour'.
  • Cliff PETERSON - Trained on B-17s but flew B-24s in combat in the E.T.O. with the 392nd BG, taking part in some of the historic raids of WWII - Bremen, Kiel, Gothe, and the first precision bombing raids on the V-1 rocket sites in Northern France. His B-24 was shot down in March 1944 and he became a POW.
  • Albert SHOWER - The only Group Commander in the 8th AF to bring a Group to the UK and to command it until the end of hostilities.
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