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Only One Survived by Craig Kodera

Only One Survived by Craig Kodera (TBF Avenger)
  • Originally issued as 1000 limited editions.
  • 25" x 20"

  • The Battle of Midway was the turning point of World War II in the Pacific, leading to eventual Allied victory. At the very start of that fateful conflict came this ominous confrontation. At 7:00 A.M. on June 4,1942, Grumman TBF Avengers of the VT-8 squadron on their maiden combat flight were attacked by Japanese Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighters. A-T-I was the only Avenger to survive the encounter. American Airlines First Officer and top aviation artist Craig Kodera honors all the courageous men who fought and died that day in Only One Survived, a limited edition fine art print countersigned by the two U.S. Navy airmen who lived.

  • Albert K. "Bert" Earnest - (Avenger pilot) - ENS Earnest was the awardee of the Navy Cross, a gold star in lieu of a second Navy Cross, and the Purple Heart Medal for his actions on 4 JUN 1942.
  • Harry H. Ferrier - (Avenger radioman-gunner) - Radioman 3 Class Ferrier was the awardee of the Distinguished Flying Cross, and a Purple Heart Medal his actions on 4 JUN 1942.
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