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Pacific Summer by John Shaw

Pacific Summer by John Shaw (P-38 Lightning - secondary)
Hand signed and numbered by John Shaw

  • From a sold out 1993 edition

  • A stunning tribute to America's second highest ranking ace and Medal of Honor recipient Major Tom B. McGuire, showing his famous P-38 "Pudgy". The print is signed by five (5) members of the 475th Fighter Group.

    The deadly P-38 Lockheed Lightning was dubbed the nickname "fork-tailed devil" by its opponents during World War II. The Pacific-based 475th Fighter Group produced some of America's most colorful and high-scoring aces. Artist John D. Shaw salutes this famed group in a beautiful limited edition.


  • Capt Horace "Bo" REEVES - Pilot and Ace - 431st FS
  • Capt John S. BABEL - Pilot - 433rd FS
  • 1Lt Tom OXFORD - Pilot - 431st FS
  • 2Lt H.N. "Pete" MADISON - Pilot - 431st FS
  • SSgt Howard W. "Hal" GRAVES - 433rd FS
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