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Phantom Strike by Robert Taylor

Phantom Strike by Robert Taylor (F-4)
Prints are signed by the artist and numbered

  • 75 Studio Proof Giclee Canvases....Sold out

  • Canvas Size: 36" x 24"
  • Pre-stretched and mounted on high-quality stretcher bars.

  • Robert Taylor's detailed interpretation of the Phantom attack on the steel mills at Thai Nguyen on March 30, 1967 shows Robin Olds and his two wingmen seconds after the strike. Clearing the target all three F-4s let down to the deck as they hurtle through another onslaught of intense, accurate ground fire and flack. The two lead aircraft collect hits as they exit the area - number three miraculously escaping unscathed. "I'd opted not to take the usual fourth ship knowing he would be far too vulnerable during the entire mission profile."

    With the infamous "Thud Ridge" mountain in the background, the airspace in the valley is filled with 100, 85, and 57mm shell bursts, brightly coloured tracer, smoke and cordite. Behind them the F-4 crews leave a trail of destruction, the steel mill's blast furnaces billowing flame and dense smoke. In the words of mission leader Robin Olds "It was the most dangerous, hair-raising mission of all that I flew in both World War II and South East Asia"


    Produced and printed onto fine canvas under the direct supervision of the artist to match his original painting, and then mounted on to high-quality stretchers, each of these carefully crafted Giclée Studio Proofs is fully authorized and personally hand-signed by the artist Robert Taylor.

    Exclusively limited to just 75 copies worldwide, each canvas Giclée is stamped on the back, hand-numbered and issued with a highly informative Certificate of Authenticity.
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