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Return From Schweinfurt by Robert Taylor

Return From Schweinfurt by Robert Taylor
Hand signed and numbered by Robert Taylor

  • From a 1990 sold out publication
  • Overall size: 36" x 26"
  • Inner border size: 32" x 21 1/2"
  • Image size: 29 3/8" x 18 3/8"
  • Includes the certificate of authenticity

  • August 17th, 1943 saw one of the most remarkable and cleverly conceived air strikes in history. Led by the brilliant strategist Colonel Curtis LeMay, 147 B-17s of the American 8th Air Force's 4th Wing headed out from their British bases to bomb the Messerschmitt factory at Regensburg, some 750 miles distant, with a brief to fly on to North Africa. Meanwhile, 230 B-17s of the 1st Wing headed for the bearing factories at Schweinfurt. Having such vital targets, the crews of the mighty 8th knew they were in for a fight. What they got that day was one of the fiercest air battles of the war.

    Robert Taylor's impressive painting reconstructs the scene as badly damaged B-17s fo the 91st and 381st Bomb Group, which suffered most casualties, battle their way home over the Antwerp area of Holland. A Messerschmitt Me109 makes a high speed attack, while above, another prepares to dive through the formation.

    High above, now out of ammunition and low on fuel but with 17 confirmed victories, Hub Zemke's 56th Fighter Group P-47s contrail their way out fo the area. Meanwhile, Johnnie Johnson takes up the fight, diving his Spitfires into the fray as the RAF take up where the 56th left off.


  • General Adolf GALLAND
  • Air Vice Marshal Johnnie JOHNSON CB, CBE, DSO**, DFC*
  • General Curtis LEMAY
  • Colonel Hub ZEMKE
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