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A Green Hill Far Away by Robert Tomlin

A Green Hill Far Away by Robert Tomlin
Hand signed and numbered

  • Limited edition from a sold out 1995 publication.
  • Overall size: 32" x 18 1/4"
  • Image size: 28 7/8" x 14 1/2"

  • On the morning of October 14th 1943 along with 15 others from the 305th Bomb Group, Lazy Baby set off from Chelveston in England on Mission 115, the second Schweinfurt raid, later to become known as Black Thursday. By the time they reached Aachen on the outward leg only Lazy Baby and two others of the 305th were left flying. They were then seriously damaged and three crew severely injured while two bailed out. Diving from 23,000 ft to only 3.000 feet, pilot Ed Dienhart managed to escape the attacking fighters. With the ball turret gunner trapped and navigator seriously injured they proceeded at 30 to 50 feet hedge-hopping all the way to Switzerland and safety. Guided by the navigator Don Rowley who, despite having both arms virtually severed, managed to steer them from memory for over an hour to Switzerland where they made a dramatic crash landing only four miles from the German border. The navigator died the following day from his injuries. While the pilot drew upon every ounce of his flying skills, the rest of the crew exhibited untold valor in the face of terrible adversity and selfless devotion to their stricken comrades.

    Accompanying the print is a 24-page illustrated book which charts the story from take off through the landing, to the eventual escape of some of the crew back to England.


  • Lt. Edward Dienhart - Pilot
  • 2nd Lt. Brunson Bolin - Co-pilot
  • SSgt Christy Zullo - Left waist gunner
  • SSgt Raymond Baus - Ball turret gunner
  • SSgt Robert Cinibulk - Right waist gunner
  • Leo Thüring - Helped to rescue Lt. Don Rowley, the morally wounded navigator
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