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Larry Grossman

Larry Grossman
Larry Grossman biography

Larry Grossman has always loved airplanes. His father was a pilot who owned an aircraft sales business at Hawthorne Airport (home to Northrop, The Flying Wing, and now SpaceX) in L.A.. "My family always had a Beechcraft or Cessna to hop to Vegas or Palm Springs in ...I loved it” says Larry. Larry’s professional art career began in the mid 1960’s, when at age 15 he began airbrushing and selling wild T-shirts at car shows and events in his native L.A., occasionally working for the legendary "King of the Car Kustomizers", George Barris.

In 1967 Larry moved to Berkeley, where he graduated from CCAC Art School. Then in 1981, the Disney Studios enticed Larry back to L.A. to work as an airbrush designer on their landmark first-computerized film "TRON”. After that, Larry created art on a free-lance basis for Disney, Warner Bros., and Dreamworks Studios, and also illustrated three album covers for legendary musician Frank Zappa, among others.

While working on “TRON", Larry discovered the creative potential of the computer, and soon developed his current unique artistic process, combining digital airbrushing with his own photography. The results are unique and striking, and reflect Larry’s love for aircraft, cars, trains, and the styles of the 1930-50’s. Larry owns a '32 Ford hot rod and a '61 Nash Metropolitan Convertible (which he 100% restored himself). He also attends as many air and car shows as possible.

The art Larry creates is currently exhibited at galleries and museums worldwide. In addition to self-publishing over seventy-five posters, Larry also licenses his art for dozens of products. He also accepts commissions from customers who want custom-tailored art featuring themselves, their cars, planes, or whatever.

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