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The Rising Mist by Robert Taylor

The Rising Mist by Robert Taylor (B-17)
Prints are signed by the artist and numbered

  • 15 Collector's Editions....Sold out
  • 10 Veteran's Editions....Sold out

  • Approximate matted size (Collector's): 26" x 20 1/4"
  • Approximate matted size (Veteran's): 26" x 21 1/4"
  • Image size: 19 1/2" x 9 3/4"

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  • A tribute to the bomber crews of the U.S. Eighth Air Force

    The Memphis Belle wasn’t the first heavy bomber in the Eighth Air Force to complete 25 missions; that honor fell to Hot Stuff, a Consolidated B-24 Liberator with the 93rd Bomb Group who completed her 25th mission on 7 February 1943. And the Memphis Belle wasn’t the first B-17 Flying Fortress either; Hell’s Angels, a B-17F flying out of Molesworth with the 303rd Bomb Group, claimed that distinction on 13 May. But the Memphis Belle was by far the most famous – thanks to the influence and glamour of a well-oiled public relations machine.

    Touching down at their base at Bassingbourne on 19 May, six days after Hell’s Angels, the Belle did have the honor of being the first B-17 in the 91st Bomb Group to complete her 25 missions, ironically two days after her usual pilot, Captain Robert K. Morgan and most of her crew had done the same since they, like many crews, occasionally flew other aircraft. Bob Morgan was now ordered to bring the Belle and her crew home to America for a high-profile, morale-boosting, War-Bond selling tour. The following year, the crew of the Memphis Belle would feature in a movie directed and produced by the acclaimed Hollywood film director, William Wyler.

    It is therefore no surprise that Robert has chosen the Memphis Belle to represent all the young bomber crews who flew with the Eighth Air Force during WWII in his detailed drawing ‘The Rising Mist’. Skilfully crafted in his unmistakable style Robert depicts the Memphis Belle at Bassingbourn, her home base, whilst the crew await the signal to start engines – once the sun has burnt off an early morning mist.


    Collector's Edition - Restricted to just FIFTEEN copies worldwide, each portfolio contains a copy of the book along with a matching-numbered print, conservation matted to include the signatures of fifteen highly-regarded veterans:

  • Colonel BOB MORGAN – 91st BG (Pilot of the Belle)
  • Lieutenant Colonel JIM BARKER – 351st BG
  • Captain ALVIN BROWN – 95th BG
  • Lieutenant Colonel ROBERT BURNS – 351st BG
  • Colonel WILLIAM LAWLEY MOH – 305th BG
  • Lieutenant Colonel HARRY MUMFORD – 95th BG
  • Lieutenant Colonel BOB GOSSMAN – 351st BG
  • First Lieutenant CHARLES ‘NORM’ STEVENS – 351st BG
  • Staff Sergeant RAY L. MOORE – 398th BG
  • First Lieutenant LEONARD SPIVEY – the 381st BG
  • Lieutenant Colonel ROB KLEYLA – 91st BG
  • Captain ROBERT SHOENS – 100th BG
  • Lieutenant Colonel RALPH NUTTER – 305th BG
  • Brigadier General JAMES KEMP McLAUGHLIN – 92nd BG

  • Veteran's Edition - Featuring all components of the Collector’s Edition, this highly-prized Veteran's Edition is limited to only TEN copies worldwide and includes the additional autographs of a further ten B-17 veterans, creating a total of twenty-five signatures:

  • Lieutenant Colonel JIM VERINIS – 91st BG (Co-Pilot on the Belle)
  • Captain CHARLES LEIGHTON – 91st BG (Navigator on the Belle)
  • Technical Sergeant HAROLD LOCH – 91st BG (Top Turret Gunner on the Belle)
  • Staff Sergeant CASIMER NASTAL – 91st BG (Rear Waist Gunner on the Belle)
  • Staff Sergeant JOHN QUINLAN – 91st BG (Tail Gunner on the Belle)
  • Major General BOB LANDRY – 493rd BG
  • First Lieutenant ‘L.A.’ MITCHELL – 401st BG
  • First Lieutenant DENNY THOMPSON – 487th BG
  • Captain ROLLAND WHITED – 34th BG
  • Lieutenant Colonel ROBERT DEES – 34th BG
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