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Thierry Thompson

Thierry Thompson
Thierry Thompson biography

“Those who appreciate the many aspects of aviation history, design and composition also tend to appreciate the artists with the ability to interpret the flying machines with great accuracy as an art form. This art genre is devoted to the image of aircraft as fine art, and there is no one more qualified or experienced to capture the fine art of aircraft and to bring the men and machines to life than Thierry Thompson. From the tender age of eight, when his father hand built a dual 2-cycle Tecumseh engine go-kart for his son, Thierry Thompson has been passionately involved with mechanics, engineering, aviation, cars, and motor-racing. Add to this an honors Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, Art History and Fine Art Restoration, and it becomes quite evident how Thierry achieves the echelon and intensity of extraordinary perfection in his artwork, by blending history, and surrealism with the precision detail of engineering and photo-realism.

Thierry is an award winning aviation artist, and is a member of the prestigious Air Force Art Program which works with select American aviation artists to procure historical fine art for the Pentagon, while documenting the worldwide efforts of the US Air Force. “ I have flown in just about every current Air Force airframe, and I have also had the enormous pleasure of flying off three different nuclear powered aircraft carriers, in Navy and Marine Corps jet aircraft, amazing experiences, to say the least”. Thierry is an IFR rated pilot, and his unique experiences in flying have a direct effect on his aviation fine art. “I love the three dimensions of flight, there is simply nothing on earth that matches the sheer power of an F-15 Eagle standing on its tail. I believe as a pilot, I bring a distinctive knowledge and experience to our aviation fine art.”

Thierry and his wife Beverly currently live in the spectacular mountainous and vineyard textured setting of Carmel Valley near the Big Sur coast and the Monterey peninsula.
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