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Victory Salute by Matt Hall

Victory Salute by Matt Hall
Signed by the artist and numbered.

  • Pristine Publisher Proof!!
  • Includes framable 8" x 10" photo "Open Range" signed by Art Fiedler!
  • Includes 2 photos of Dick Winters and 101st Airborne paratroopers!
  • Includes a Victory in Europe campaign ribbon to frame with your print!
  • Overall size: 32" x 22.5"

  • While paying tribute to the 506th PIR’s Band of Brothers, Matt’s artwork also captures the majesty of the Alps and the excitement every G.I. in Europe felt when the war ended. Inspired by real-life events as told by Earl McClung and Don Malarkey, the men are seen here joy riding after hostilities have ceased. Raising a beer stein and flashing the V-for-Victory gesture, the paratroopers of Easy Company salute the pilots of the 325th Fighter Group who were frequently known to conduct low passes in the area. The artwork portrays the youth and excitement of young men released from the burdens of combat.

    Finishing the war in Berchtesgaden, Germany, the 506th PIR remained billeted in the Alpine town for occupational duty after the war in Europe was over. While waiting to return home, the men had plenty to keep themselves busy: team sports, swimming or fishing in the local lakes, visiting the Eagle’s Nest, site seeing in the beautiful Alps or hunting for souvenirs in the remains of the Berghof or Herman Goering’s home.


    101st Airborne

  • Brad FREEMAN
  • Shifty POWERS
  • Bob NOODY
  • "Wild Bill" GUARNERE
  • Earl MCCLUNG
  • Clancy LYALL
  • Babe HEFFRON
  • Buck COMPTON

  • 325th FG

  • Ron DOVE
  • Jerry EDWARDS
  • John GONDA
  • Art FIEDLER (Separate photo)

  • 406th FG

  • Bernie SLEDZIK
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