WWII to Korea
Pearl Harbor - December 7, 1941
Hunters at Dawn by Robert Taylor (Me109)
Strike of Habu by Rick Herter (SR-71 Blackbird)
Fortress at Rest by Richard Taylor (B-17)
Okinawa - Toward the Bitter End by Robert Taylor (F4U)
Wounded Aboard by Gil Cohen (B-17)
The Battle of Britain by Frank Wootton
Green Light, Jump! by Craig Kodera (C-47 Dakota)
Eagles Out of the Sun by Robert Taylor (Me109)
Tiger Fire by Nicolas Trudgian (P-40 Warhawk)
Dings 'n Dents Sale Items
CAPing the Tico by William S. Phillips (A-7 Corsair II)
Red-Tail Angels by John Shaw (P-51 Mustang)
I Could Never Be So Lucky Again by William S. Phillips (Secondary)
Pacific Morning: Black Sheep on the Prowl by Craig Kodera (F4U)
Rollin' Home by Alan Bean (Apollo)
In the Beginning by Alan Bean (Apollo)
Apollo to the Moon by Mark Karvon (Saturn V)
B-25 Mitchell signed by Richard Cole
F-105D Thunderchief
AH-64D Longbow
Supermarine Spitfire
A-10A Thunderbolt Warthog
B-17F Red Gremlin