Miscellaneous American Aircraft

During World War II, European and South Pacific skies were filled with A-1 Skyraiders, the SBD Dauntles, the TBM, the PBY Catalina Flying Boat, the P-47 Thunderbolt, the F4-F Wildcat and the F6F Hellcat (among others.)
A2D Skyshark Section by R.G. Smith
Aerobatic Magic by Sam Lyons (AT-6 Texan, SNJ)
A Record for Russo by Roy Grinnell (A-36 Invader)
The Berlin Airlift by R.G. Smith (C-54 Skymaster)
The Birthday Ride by Paul Rendel (PT-16)
Fireball on Final by K. Price Randel  (Ryan FR-1 Fireball)
Hawk of Haleiwa, December 7, 1941 by Jack Fellows (P-36)
Hawks Over China by Roy Grinnell (Curtis Hawk)
Joe Foss, A Proud American by Roy Grinnell
Just Another Hole in My Head by Roy Grinnell (Brewster Buffalo)
Last One Home by Paul Rendel (SNJ-3)
Major George E. Preddy, Jr. by Troy White
Maytag Messerschmitts by Burt Mader (L-4)
Out On a Limb by James Dietz (T-6 Texan)
Sky Giant by Robert Taylor (PB2Y Coronado)
SNJ Over Guantanamo Bay by David Gray
Stemming the Tide at Sanananda Point by Jack Fellows (P-39 Airacobra)