F-4 Phantom

Flying the Jolly Roger by Robert Watts
Flying the Jolly Roger by Robert Watts
The first print in award winning aviation artist Robert Watts series of Classic Jet Fighters, featuring the legendary F-4 Phantom. Each print is signed by THREE famous F-4 combat pilots. A pair of N...
The F-4 Phantom II was a twin-engine, all-weather, fighter-bomber that could perform three tactical air roles air superiority, interdiction and close air support. First flown in May 1958, the Phantom II originally was developed for U.S. Navy fleet defense and entered service in 1961. The USAF's Phantom II, designated F-4C, made its first flight on May 27, 1963. In its air-to-ground role the F-4 could carry twice the normal bomb load of a WW II B-17. USAF F-4s also flew reconnaissance and "Wild Weasel" anti-aircraft missile suppression missions. Phantom II production ended in 1979 after over 5,000 had been built--more than 2,600 for the USAF, about 1,200 for the Navy and Marine Corps, and the rest for friendly foreign nations. Used extensively in the Vietnam War, later versions of the aircraft were still active in the U. S. Air Force inventory well into the 1990s. All U.S. F-4s have been retired.
A Salute to Navy and Marine Aces by Roy Grinnell
Cleared for the Overhead by Robert D. Fiacco (F-4 Phantom)
F-4 Final Flight by Sam Lyons (F-4 Phantom)
First Meeting by Mark Karvon (F-4 Phantom)
Flying the Jolly Roger by Robert Watts (F-4)
Forrestal's Phantoms by Marc Stewart (F-4 Phantom)
H.M.S. Ark Royal by Philip West (F-4 Phantom)
Into the Storm by John Shaw (F-4 Phantom)
Marine Phantoms Supporting the Troops by R.G. Smith (F-4)
MiG Sweep by Keith Ferris (F-4 Phantom)
Phantom Finale by Philip West (F-4)
Phantom Fury by Robert Taylor (F-4)
Phantom Launch by Robert D. Fiacco (F-4)
Phantom Strike by Robert Taylor (F-4)
Phantom Teamwork by Ronald Wong (F-4)
Phantom Thunder by William Phillips (F-4)
Phantom Thunder by Philip West (F-4)
Phantoms and the Ark Royal by Philip West (F-4 Phantom)
The Phantoms and the Wizard by William S. Phillips (F-4)
Phantoms and the Wizard by William S. Phillips (F-4)
Rhino Charge by Rich Thistle (F-4 Phantom)
Shamrock 201: Fangs Out by Darrell White (F-4 Phantom)
Showtime 100 by Philip West (F-4 Phantom)
Sundowners Phantom by Mark Karvon (F-4B)
Trap by K. Price Randel (F-4 Phantom)
21 Seconds to Splash 5 by Roy Grinnell (F-4 Phantom)