F4U Corsair

Devotion by Matt Hall
Devotion by Matt Hall
During the battle of the Chosin Reservoir in the Korean War . . . hit by anti-aircraft fire while supporting the Marines, Ens. Jesse Brown, the Navy's first African-American aviator, crashed behind e...
The F4U Corsair was one of the most succesful fighters of WWII. It achieved a claimed 11.3 to 1 'kill ratio' in the Pacific. It was fast, but had some handling problems, and early versions tended to 'bounce' upon landing because of their stiff undercarriage. Therefore it was at first restricted to land-based marine units, and equipped all USMC fighter units in the Pacific in the second half of 1943. After some modifications, it was used also for shipboard operations, but continued to require careful handling. The vast majority of F4U sorties (54,470 out of 64,051) were flown from land bases. The F4U had an inverted gull wing, a streamlined fuselage of circular cross-section and a big propeller. The cockpit was set well back, and the restricted view was a serious problem.
Balboa Rendezvous, 1944 by Stan Vosburg (F4U Corsair)
Bent Wing Sonata by Rick Herter (F4U Corsair)
BIG HOG Above Bagana by Joseph Szady (F4U)
Black Sheep at Munda by Jim Laurier (F4U)
Black Sheep Sweep by Troy White (F4U Corsair)
Chasing the Sun by Sam Lyons (F4U Corsair)
Close Air Support by Robert D. Fiacco (F4U Corsair)
Corsair! by Jack Fellows (F4U)
Corsair by John Young (F4U)
Corsair Preflight by Marc Stewart (F4U)
Dean's Tight Spot by Roy Grinnell (F4U Corsair)
Devotion by Matt Hall (F4U Corsair)
Duel at Kojak Rock by Jack Fellows (F4U Corsair)
Duel Over New Georgia by Marc Stewart (F4U)
Evening Return by Sam Lyons (F4U)
Fighting 17 by Jim Laurier (F4U)
Gunfight Over Rabaul by Jack Fellows (F4U Corsair)
Heading Home Reflections by Rick Herter (F4U Corsair)
Night Victory by Roy Grinnell (F4U-5N)
Off to the Chosin by Nicolas Trudgian (F4U Corsair)
Okinawa - Toward the Bitter End by Robert Taylor (F4U)
Pacific Sunrise by Sam Lyons (F4U Corsair)
Pirates of the Pacific by Mark Karvon (F4U Corsair)
Puttalam Elephants by Robert Taylor (F4U Corsair)
Rabaul - Fly For Your Life by Robert Taylor (F4U Corsair)
Salute to the Jolly Rogers by Domenic DeNardo (F4U)
Semper Fi Skies by John Shaw (F4U Corsair)
Somewhere in Korea by Ronald Wong (F4U Corsair)
Swashbuckler's Surprise by Jim Laurier (F4U Corsair)
Victory Flyover by Robert Taylor (F4U Corsair)
Zero Fighter Sweep by Roy Grinnell (F4U Corsair)