Miscellaneous Foreign Aircraft

Ambush! by Heinz Krebs (Fw190 D-9, Me262, P-51)
Butch...Medal of Honor: High above the USS Lexington, on 20 February, 1942 by Jack Fellows (F4F Wildcat and Japanese G4M1 Betty)
Canberras Over Cambridgeshire by Robert Taylor
Chance Encounter by Robert Taylor (Dornier 24)
Churchill's Maiden Voyage in Ascalon by Phillip West
Escadrille Normandie Niemen by Roy Grinnell (Yak-3)
Final Victories by Roy Grinnell (MiG-15)
First Kill by Roy Grinnell (PZLP.11c)
Hey, It Works! by Ronald Wong (P.12 Wendover)
Hornets Over Hong Kong by Ronald Wong (DH.103 Hornet)
Loire Rendevous by Philip West (Lysander)
No Room for Error by Philip West (Seafire TM379)
Only the Brave by Philip West (Lysander)
Ordeal of the USS Houston by Jack Fellows (Japanese Ki-76 Peggy)
Parafrag by Jack Fellows (B-25 Mitchell & H8K 1 Emily Flying Boat)
Pearl Harbor 0755... by Dru Blair (D3A1 Val)
Raiders of the North Atlantic by Roy Grinnell (Blohm und Voss 138 Flying Boat)
Russian Roulette by Robert Taylor (Yak 3 & Me109)
Special Duties by Robert Taylor (Ju52 Luftflotte 2)
Sterling Service by Philip West
Strange Encounter by Roy Grinnell (Avia S-199)
Strike and Strike Again by Robert Taylor (Beaufighter)
Supreme Courage by Philip West (Blackburn Skua)
Their Finest Hour - The Battle of Britain 1940 (Book)
They Landed by Moonlight by Robert Taylor (Lysander)
Those Were the Days by Philip West (DeHavilland Tiger Moth)
Threatening Skies by Richard Taylor (Ki-44 & B-29)
Toryu 1 by Jim Laurier (Ki-45 Nick)
Yak Attack! by Roy Grinnell (Yakovlev Yak-3)