F-86 Sabre

Sabre! by Jack Fellows
Sabre! by Jack Fellows
Alaskan Sabre by John Hume (F-86)
Beauty and the Beast by Ronald Wong (F-86 & MiG-15)
Check Six! by Jack Fellows (F-86 Sabre & MiG-15 Fagot)
Combat Over Korea by Philip West (F-86)
Crazy MiG by Roy Grinnell (F-86 Sabre, MiG-15)
Firewalled for Intercept by Darrell White (F-86 Sabre)
The Hunters by Troy White (F-86 Sabre)
Hunting Party by Robert Watts (F-86)
MiG Alley by Mark Karvon (F-86 Sabre)
Mixing It Up by Thierry Thompson (F-86 Sabre)
Sabre! by Jack Fellows (F-86)
Shooter's Odds by Ross Buckland (F-86)
There Went Number 10 by Roy Grinnell (F-86 Sabre)