John D. Shaw

Aviation Art of John D. Shaw
John D. Shaw biography

John Shaw, a native of Nevada, USA, was born in 1961 and began his career in art and graphics in the early '80s. Beginning as an illustrator, Shaw created commercial artwork for a wide variety of clients, such as Lucas films Ltd, Major League Baseball, and several major entertainment software companies.

In 1993 his work took a major turn when he began creating paintings with an historical aviation theme, paying special attention paid to the World War II era. His award-winning depictions of these aircraft, people and the missions in which they participated have proven extremely popular, particularly throughout the U.S, and have illustrated numerous publications. He has been exhibited extensively throughout the US and the rest of the world and his limited edition prints have enjoyed a huge amount of success, with many of his editions completely sold out and trading for considerable sums on the secondary market.

Over the last ten years John has gained a loyal and rapidly increasing following for his work making him one of the most highly regarded aviation artists in the US and an exciting prospect for collectors as his reputation and talent put him firmly on the world stage.

John currently resides in St Augustine Beach, FL with his wife Keli and their youngest son Hudson.

Black Sheep Squadron by John Shaw
Debden Eagles by John Shaw (P-51 Mustang)
Flying Tiger Legacy by John Shaw (P-40, A-10)
God Shed His Grace On Thee by John Shaw (F6F, P-38, F4U)
The Hornet's Nest by John Shaw (B-25 Mitchell)
Into the Storm by John Shaw (F-4 Phantom)
Iwo Jima - A Hard-won Haven by John Shaw (B-29)
The Magnificent Fight: The Battle for Wake Island by John Shaw (F4F)
No Saki Tonight by John Shaw (P-38 Lightning)
Outrun the Thunder by John Shaw (SR-71)
Pacific Summer by John Shaw (P-38 Lightning - secondary)
Ramrod - Outward Bound by John Shaw (P-51 Mustang)
Reno Gold: The First Half Century by John Shaw
Semper Fi Skies by John Shaw (F4U Corsair)
Shark Sighting - Giving Teeth to the Tigers by John Shaw (P-40 Warhawk)
They Fought With What They Had by John Shaw (B-17)
Tigers in the Gorge by John Shaw (P-40)
The Unlimiteds by John Shaw