Japanese Zero & Kate

Yoshino's Fatal Mistake by Roy Grinnell
Yoshino's Fatal Mistake by Roy Grinnell
June 9, 1942. American bombers are on a raid from Port Moresby to Lae, New Guinea. They are escorted by P-400s of the 35FG, 39FS. 1st Lt. Jack Jones is on his first combat mission. The Japanese decide...
The Japanese Zero was a revolution in itself. The Japanese designers were given the daunting task of designing a plane that needed to have firepower, range, altitude, and speed. These things may have been possible with a better engine, but the Japanese lacked this factor. Left with no other choice, the designers were forced to take on radical revisions. What was needed was a drastic weight reduction. A new super aluminum formed the shell of the craft but weight restrictions forced the pilot to go without armor protection, and without self sealing fuel tanks. The result was a fighter plane that was the backbone of the Japanese Navy.
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Yoshino's Fatal Mistake by Roy Grinnell (Japanese Zero, P-400 Airacobra)
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