BOAC's Stockholm Express by Ronald Wong (Mosquito)
Broken Silence by Robert Taylor (Mosquito)
Dangerous Coast by Robert Taylor (Mosquito)
Devastating Strike by Robert Taylor (Mosquito)
First Sting by Roy Grinnell (Mosquito)
First Strike by Richard Taylor (Mosquito)
Moonlight Serenede by Troy White (Mosquito)
Mosquito Pathfinders by Philip West
Mosquitos at Dusk by Gerald Coulson
Night Hawks by Philip West (Mosquito)
Night Intruder by Robert Taylor (Mosquito)
Ready for Action by Philip West (De Havilland Mosquito)
Rover Patrol by Richard Taylor (Mosquito)
The Rail Strike by Robin Smith (Mosquito)
Strike on Berlin by Anthony Saunders (Mosquito)
Top Dog by Robert Taylor (Mosquito)
Vital Support by Robert Taylor (Mosquito)
Wings of Dawn by Philip West (Mosquito)