Dauntless Against a Rising Sun by William S. Phillips (SBD)
Reg Price: $1,250.00
Sale Price: $937.50
Dauntless Courage by David Gray (SBD)
Toward the Setting Sun by William S. Phillips (B-25 Mitchell)
Reg Price: $395.00
Sale Price: $296.25
Mosquitos at Dusk by Gerald Coulson
Target: Nagoya by Craig Kodera (B-25 - Doolittle Raid)
Destination Tokyo by Anthony Saunders (B-25 - Doolittle)
Surrender Flight by Michael Hagel (B-25)
Winter Patrol by Nicolas Trudgian (Secondary)
A Green Hill Far Away by Robert Tomlin
Erich Hartmann & Adolf Galland
Robert Coats & Alex Vraciu
Sir Douglas Bader & Johnnie Johnson
Monet's Moon by Alan Bean
Rollin' Home by Alan Bean (Apollo)
In the Beginning by Alan Bean (Apollo)