WWII to Korea
Pacific Summer by John Shaw (P-38 Lightning)
Titanic - Last Farewell by Robert Taylor
A Bandit Goes Down by William S. Phillips (P-51 Mustang)
Fast Company by Nicolas Trudgian (Fw190)
OMIAKINBAK by Ron Cole (B-24 Liberator)
Midwinter Dawn by Robert Taylor (Spitfire)
Strike on Berlin by Anthony Saunders (Mosquito)
Alabama Rammer Jammer by Jim Laurier (P-51 Mustang)
Last Combat of the Red Baron by Frank Wootton
AVIATION ART HANGAR - Warrior and the Wolfpack by John Shaw (Secondary)
By the Dawn's Early Light by John Shaw (AVG P-40)
Dawn, The World Forever Changed by William Phillips and Lonely Flight to Destiny by Craig Kodera (Secondary)
Hartmann Tribute by Robert Taylor
Pacific Morning: Black Sheep on the Prowl by Craig Kodera (F4U)
Helping Hand by Robert Taylor (Secondary)
Winter Patrol by Nicolas Trudgian (Secondary)
Outrun the Thunder by John Shaw (Original)Ask About Availability
USS Shangri-La, CV-38 by Stan Stokes (Original)Ask About Availability
Shark Sighting - Giving Teeth to the Tigers by John Shaw (Original)Ask About Availability
The Battle for New Years Day by Nicolas Trudgian (Original)Ask About Availability
The Battle of Trafalgar by Robert Taylor
On Patrol by David Mueller
The Calm Before the Storm by Robert Taylor (USS Arizona)
USS Midway, CV-41 by Stan Stokes (F-4 Phantom)