The Final Show by Robert Taylor (Hawker Tempest)
Target: Nagoya by Craig Kodera (B-25 - Doolittle Raid)
Primping the Doll by Michael Newcomer
Black Sheep Squadron by John Shaw
Signature Collections
Destination Tokyo by Anthony Saunders (B-25 - Doolittle)
Erich Hartmann & Adolf Galland
Robin Olds
Peter Townsend & Frank Carey
Robert Morgan & Robin Olds
Walter Wolfrum
Bill Reid & Norman Jackson
Hellcat Fury by Robert Taylor (Secondary)
The Doolittle Tokyo Raiders by Robert Taylor (Secondary)
Last Combat of the Red Baron by Frank Wootton
Surrender Flight by Michael Hagel (B-25)
Winter Patrol by Nicolas Trudgian (Secondary)
A Green Hill Far Away by Robert Tomlin
Apollo 12 is Headed Home by Alan Bean
Endeavor Flight by Mark Karvon (Space Shuttle)
Getting Ready to Ride by Alan Bean
Monet's Moon by Alan Bean
Rollin' Home by Alan Bean (Apollo)
In the Beginning by Alan Bean (Apollo)