WWII to Korea
Grand Canyon Lightning by Rick Herter (P-38)
The Greatest Day - The Battle of Britain, 15 September 1940 by Robert Taylor
Rock River Advantage by Robert D. Fiacco (F-4 Phantom)
Return from the Fray by Richard Taylor (Spitfire)
Advantage Eagle by William S. Phillips (F-15)
No Saki Tonight by John Shaw (P-38 Lightning)
In Defense of the Reich by Nicolas Trudgian (Me262)
In Gallant Company by Robert Taylor (F4F Wildcat)
Flying Tigers by Stan Stokes (P-40)
AVIATION ART HANGAR - The Wrights at Huffman Prairie by Gil Cohen (Wright Flyer)
I Could Never Be So Lucky Again by William S. Phillips (Secondary)
Pacific Morning: Black Sheep on the Prowl by Craig Kodera (F4U)
Dawn Chorus by Nicolas Trudgian (P-38 Lightning)
Beach Head Strike Force by Robert Taylor (F4U Corsair)
The Giant Begins to Stir by William S. Phillips (Secondary)
Naval Aviation in Space by R.L. "Bob" Rasmussen (plus bonus Apollo model!)
America's First Space Walk - Gemini IV by Mark Karvon
Getting Ready to Ride by Alan Bean
MH-53J Pave Low
Piper J-3 Cub
N2S-2/3/4 Yellow Peril
KC-10A Extender Model
F-15E Strike Eagle
B-24 "Hellsadroppin II" model