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Midway - Strike Against the Akagi by Robert Taylor

Midway - Strike Against the Akagi by Robert Taylor
Hand signed and numbered by Robert Taylor

  • From a 1992 publication
  • Includes the Certificate of Authenticity

  • Overall Size: 34" x 26"
  • Colored border around image: 30 x 21 1/2"
  • Image size: 27" x 17 3/8"

  • This is the fourth print in Robert Taylor's Protagonists Series commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Midway.

    An SBD Dauntless with its tell-tale perforated speed brakes extended, has its sights on the deck of the Japanese carrier "Akagi", in anticipation of delivering a death blow to the damaged ship.

    Signed by six distinguished pilots who participated in the Battle of Midway.


  • Lieutenant Commander DICK BEST
  • Major General MARION CARL
  • Captain ROBERT ELDER
  • Commander BILL ESDERS
  • Captain Scott MCCUSKEY
  • Captain JACK REID
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