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Against All Odds by Robert Taylor

Against All Odds by Robert Taylor
Prints are signed by the artist and numbered

Choose from the following 32" x 23" prints:

  • 450 Signed & Numbered Editions (4 signatures)....Sold out
  • 250 Signed & Numbered Editions (7 signatures)....Sold out
  • 45 Artist's Proofs (4 signatures)....Sold out
  • 25 Artist's Proofs (7 signatures)....Sold out
  • 50 Publisher's Proofs....Sold out

  • Situation: Robert Taylor's painting protrays the renowned defiance of the U-Boat crews. Caught on the surface by a PBY Catalina the gun crews of a type VIIc U-Boat are quickly into action. The 3.7cm anti-aircraft gun is hurriedly reloaded while on the upper platform the two 2cm anti-aircraft twins take chunks out of the Catalina's tail - enough damage to secure a respite from the attack. Soon they will dive to relative safety beneath the Atlantic swell.

    Prints are signed by submariners of the German Kreigsmarine, all of whom are holders of the Knight's Cross.

    Four Signature Prints:
  • Oberbootsmannsmaat RUDOLF MUHLBAUER
  • Kapitanleutnant HEINRICH SCHROETELER
  • Korveitenkapitan HELMUT WITTE

    Seven Signature Prints Also Signeed by:
  • Kapitanleutnant GERHARD BIELIG
  • Kapitanleutnant HEINZ FRANKE
  • Kapitanleutnant SIEGFRIED KOITSCHKA

    Publisher's Proofs signed by:
  • Kapitanleutnant ROLF THOMSEN
  • Fregattankapitan ERICH TOPP
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