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Troy White

Troy White
Troy White biography

A graduate of Georgia’s Berry College and holder of a Masters in Fine Art Degree from Florida State University, White writes that “In the early 1970s aviation subjects started to make their way from doodles in the margins of my class notes into my paintings and sculptures� White’s work is familiar to readers of numerous aviation publications and in addition Troy has authored a book titled Kidd Hofer—The Last of the Screwball Aces which has nearly sold out of its first edition. His paintings hang in public, corporate and private collections world-wide and his work has been exhibited in dozens of art museums and galleries around the globe" New Art International

In Troy's own words...“The subjects of the majority of my paintings are inspired by a life-long interest in aviation in general. I enjoy painting all types of planes and their pilots but confess an affinity for historic military aircraft, especially aircraft from the WWII era. I like to use vivid colors and large canvases while focusing on portraying the more radical angles and manoeuvres of flight. I draw from my experiences as a pilot and skydiver to stretch beyond the flat and level world into the dynamic passion and freedom of the limitless sky. I strive to add an element of tension to each piece and draw the viewer into experiencing the sensation of flying through my artwork.�

"Having mastered atmosphere in more than one way Troy White instils a rare sense of drama and eventfulness into his remarkably intense scenes of aviation instants. His almost eerie ability to convey tension and anticipation while toying with the viewer’s perspective and maintaining accuracy and clarity in his composition elevates his work above category....

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