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Heinz Krebs

Aviation Art of Heinz Krebs
Heinz Krebs biography

Heinz Krebs was raised and lives in Southern Germany where he spends most of his free time either flying or painting.

He is a passionate aviator, a commercial and test pilot, as well as a flying instructor with more than 10,000 hours of flying time and almost 22,000 landings to his credit. Heinz has flown 81 different types of powered aircraft ranging from Piper Cubs to jet fighters and 39 different glider aircraft models.

But all his life he has had one other love besides his flying - fine arts, especially painting in oils.

What makes his aviation art so unique is that, being able to draw on his life-long experience of both subjects, Heinz is able to convey true portraits of flight full of romance, action, and drama.

His originals, limited fine art print editions, and other high quality collector's items are sought after all over the world. Heinz's fine art print editions have been authenticated and further enhanced by the personal signatures of many of the world's most historically significant aviators.

This artist has been blessed with a stunning natural talent, his ability is simply breathtaking. The one thing, however, which has always fascinated the early bird Heinz Krebs was to combine his two most-loved activities in life, and create: Aviation Art.

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