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Brian Bateman

Aviation Art of Brian Bateman
Brian L. Bateman biography

All through childhood Brian carried with him a fascination of aircraft, particularly those of the Second World War. He can remember spending many days at the Air Force Museum near his home, often talking his father into giving him a lift because of the distance! As Brian grew older his favorite drawing subject was aircraft. In time he started building airplane models, all the while reading and absorbing all of the information that happened his way. One afternoon in May while looking through a book club pamphlet, Brian spotted a Robert Taylor painting. Immediately he tore the page out and took it home to draw the scene. How wonderful he thought that someone could spend their time painting his favorite flying machines!

Since those early days, Brian has realized that there are only a few fortunate artists in this world who set high quality standards and still manage to scratch out a living from illustrating the subjects they love so much. Brian decided to reach for this star, especially since the aviation market is now recognized as a serious art form.

Brian Bateman is a native of Dayton, Ohio, born in 1961 He has a strong art background with a B.A. in commercial art, graduating from the Central Academy of Commercial Art in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1982. Over the years he has worked with the Chicago Historical S ociety on various projects ranging from depictions of the American Revolution to the Civil War. His past professional experience also encompassed the art field as an Art Director and Lead Designer at various agencies and studios around the country. He now lives in Southern California and is an active participant in the aviation art circle as well as various organizations around the area. Currently Brian is a volunteer of the Confederate Air Force - San Diego - Air Group One, also a member of the AIGA, and the AFA.

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