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Darrell White

Darrell White
Darrell has always had an interest in aviation, motorsports & classic cars which encouraged him to create fine art beginning at a young age.

He was influenced by his father who was an exceptional artist, having been accepted into Penn State's Art School. His father served in the US Navy from the early-50s into the mid-60s flying aboard the Lockheed P2V-5 Neptune and Grumman S2F Tracker. He also used to paint and sketch stunning aviation pieces, which is how Darrell was introduced to aviation art.

At an early age Darrell read countless aviation books and would practice sketching the airplanes in the books. He was given a watercolor set and used to practice with colors, blending and setting scenes. Later, he transitioned into oil paints and began to refine his technique with colors, lighting, shadows and highlights.

Darrell worked as a designer in the engineering field until he finally found his true calling in art, after a number of years of being away from it. To his surprise, his artwork quickly sold which encouraged him to begin offering professional reproductions of his work. He hasn't looked back since.

Darrell's collections have been displayed across the United States and worldwide. As an artist, he looks at himself as "someone who truly enjoys his subject matter, and just happens to transfer his joy into paint on canvas".

He was an active motorcycle racer/enthusiast, classic car buff and he frequented air show events every year. He takes an interest in modern day military aviation, as well as the epic era of dog fights of WWII through Vietnam. He masterfully captures those historic moments and the heroic actions of those involved on his canvas.

Darrell's resume and accomplishments are impressive. His donated art and commissioned originals adorn the walls of a number of museums. He continues to refine his technique and desires to produce high quality fine art for everyone to enjoy for years to come.
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