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Eagles Out of the Sun by Robert Taylor

Eagles Out of the Sun by Robert Taylor (Me109)
Hand signed and numbered by Robert Taylor

  • Rare General's Edition with companion print!
  • From a sold out 1993 publication.
  • Both prints absolutely pristine!

    Main print:

  • Overall size: 35 1/2" x 26"
  • Image size: 29" x 17 1/2"

    Companion print:

  • Overall size: 27" x 21"
  • Image size: 20 1/2" x 13 3/4"
  • Robert Taylor's beautiful, and now very rare, print pays tribute to the courage of the fighter Aces of the Luftwaffe. Each print is signed by their great leader General Adolf Galland, and joining him are several other Aces, each personally chosen by the General for his astonishing record in the air. The combination of Robert Taylor's supreme skill and the signatures of some of the greatest Fighter Leaders and Aces of the Luftwaffe, make this one of the most important limited edition prints ever published.

    The aviators who signed this print combined account for almost 2,000 aerial victories!


    Main print:
  • Generalleutnant ADOLF GALLAND (103 victories)
  • Hauptmann ALFRED GRISLAWSKI (133 victories)
  • Generalmajor DIETER HRABAK (125 victories)
  • Generalleutnant WALTER KRUPINSKI (197 victories)
  • Oberst EDUARD NEUMANN (13 victories)
  • Generalleutnant FRIEDRICH OBLESER (127 victories)
  • Generalleutnant GUNTHER RALL (275 victories, 3rd all time high)
  • Major ERICH RUDORFFER (222 victories)
  • Oberleutnant WALTER SCHUCK (206 victories)
  • General JOHANNES STEINHOFF (176 victories)
  • Generalleutnant HANNES TRAUTLOFT (57 victories)
  • Oberleutnant WALTER WOLFRUM (137 victories)

    Companion print:
  • Major MARTIN DREWES KC WITH OAK LEAVES (52 victories)
  • Major WERNER HOFFMAN KC (51 victories)
  • Oberstleutnant HANS-JOACHIM JABS (50 victories)
  • Oberleutnant ERICH WEISSFLOG
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