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Erich Rudorffer Tribute by Nicolas Trudgian

Erich Rudorffer Tribute by Nicolas Trudgian (Fw190)
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  • Overall size: 34 1/4" x 25 1/2"
  • Image size: 25 1/4" x 17"

  • UNIQUE in the history of aviation art, this is an opportunity to acquire a GENUINE ERICH RUDORFFER COMBAT CONFIRMATION REPORT! Combined with Nicolas Trudgian's brilliantly evocative portrait of Rudorffer's Focke Wulf, golden in the fading sun over an ice-bound battlefield, recalling the glittering career of one of the world's greatest fighter pilots, when, as commanding officer of II/JG54, he battled in his FW190 over the war-torn, bitterly cold landscape of the Caucasus in late 1943.

    Each limited edition print is accompanied by a companion pencil print 'STORMBIRD OVER BERLIN' portraying Erich Rudorffer piloting an Me262 jet fighter, as he intercepts a formation of USAAF 'Flying Fortress' bombers over Berlin in the closing weeks of the Second World War. Overall companion print size 15½" x 11½"


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  • Major Erich RUDORFFER KCOS

    About the very special Archive Edition
    Before he passed away in 2016, Erich Rudorffer kindly supplied a LIMITED NUMBER of his genuine combat confirmation reports from his personal collection. We are delighted to be able to present these highly valuable documents to discerning collectors. It was Erich’s instruction that they should only be made available after his death, and only then with the explicit approval of Irmgard, his widow. Irmgard has said how pleased she is that collectors will be able to acquire these unique reports from her husband’s personal archive and thereby share in her admiration for her husband and his historic achievements. The combat reports are presented with the Rudorffer Archive Edition.
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