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Sample of Remarque

Sample of Remarque
Richard’s superbly executed remarques have become seriously prized as collector items. They are increasingly sought after, and those issued with TYPHOONS OUTWARD BOUND will be no different. If anything, they will be even better than before! There will be two separate remarque editions to choose from. The first, limited to 25 copies, will each have an ORIGINAL pencil drawing, stylishly hand crafted by the artist. The second is a de-luxe edition, restricted to a mere TEN COPIES, and released with a full DOUBLE SIZE drawing, measuring approximately 10½ wide.

Both Remarque editions will feature Typhoons, but if you have a special request, please enquire when placing your order. Richard Taylor will always do his best to help. Collectors will know that both editions will be oversubscribed, so please remember to order quickly as both editions will be in short supply.
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