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Ploesti - The Vital Mission by Robert Taylor

Ploesti - The Vital Mission by Robert Taylor
Hand signed and numbered by Robert Taylor

This rare and valuable print published in 1993 is sought after by collectors worldwide.

  • Overall size: 34 1/4" x 25"
  • Image size: 27 3/4" x 17 1/2"
  • On 1 August 1943, B-24 Liberators based in Libya and Southern Italy attacked nine oil refineries around Ploești, Romania. The mission was one of the costliest for the USAAF in the European Theater, with 53 aircraft and 660 air crewmen lost. Five Medals of Honor and 56 Distinguished Service Crosses along with numerous other decorations were awarded to aircrew.

    It was one of the bloodiest and most heroic missions of all time.

    Released to commemorate the 50th Anniversary in tribute to the 1,700 intrepid aircrew who flew the epic Ploesti Raid, this powerful piece is a masterpiece in air combat art.


  • Major General PHILLIP ARDREY
  • Lieutenant Colonel KEITH K. COMPTON
  • Major General RAMSAY POTTS
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