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Target: Nagoya by Craig Kodera

Target: Nagoya by Craig Kodera (B-25 - Doolittle Raid)

Signed by the artist and numbered

  • 75 Fine Art Giclée Canvases....Sold out - Ask about the availability of artist's proofs

  • Size: 35" x 13"

  • Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo
    April 18, 1942

    "This is my Uncle, Jack Hilger, who was second in command on the Doolittle Raid over Tokyo," says artist Craig Kodera. " Don Smith is on his right wing as they are heading down the coast. Shortly, Uncle Jack will break away for Nagoya and Smith to Kobe. The planes are some of the rare North American B-25B Mitchells most of them built for Jim Doolittle."

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