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Victory Flyover by Robert Taylor (Secondary)

Victory Flyover by Robert Taylor (Secondary)
Hand signed and numbered by Robert Taylor

  • From a 1995 publication
  • Includes a printed remarque!

  • Overall Size: 31 3/4" x 24"
  • Colored border around image: 27 3/4" x 19 3/4"
  • Image size: 25 1/8" x 16"

  • The massed flyover heralds the Japanese surrender aboard the USS Missouri, Tokyo Bay, 1945.


  • John BREMYER - He was responsible for transporting the actual surrender document from Washington, DC to Tokyo Bay, witnessing the document signing, and returning it to the Capitol
  • Commander Hal LAMAR - Admiral Chester Nimitz's flag lieutenant, who witnessed the signing aboard the USS Missouri.
  • Rear Admiral C. W. NIMITZ, JR. - Son of Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, himself a decorated submariner in World War II.
  • Colonel Ken WALSH - Legendary F4U Corsair World War II Marine Ace and recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor.
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